CICADA: Coronavirus Chronic Conditions and Disabilities Awareness Study

Many people from minority ethnic groups, especially those with underlying (chronic) conditions/disabilities, face barriers to accessing:

  • networks of emotional and practical support,
  • health and social care,
  • vital ‘resources’, such as medicine and food.

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened their plight, and post-Covid syndrome has emerged in many of those who got COVID.

Our 18-month study will try to learn from the experiences of people with chronic conditions (including long covid) and disabilities who are form ethnic minority groups.

We aim to develop simple strategies, guidelines, recommendations and easily adopted actions and interventions to improve future experiences, health and wellbeing outcomes of these groups.

Our approach uses various methods – surveys, interviews, workshops, literature review – and remote working throughout.

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Our next webinar: Corona nationalism
Speakers: Paul Anderson (@CanterburyCCUni @CCCUPoliticsIR), Shirin Rai (@warwickuni @PAISWarwick), @_BahriyeKemal (@UniKent @UniKentEnglish).
Chairs: Nira Yuval-Davis, @DrGLonergan, Ann Phoenix, @grainnemcmahon

Qualitative study on active ingredients and valued outcomes in a school-based intervention for adolescent #depression.

Insightful in understanding how imagery- & memory-based interventions might work and their meaningful outcomes. Example quotes below.

Our online gallery, which has come out of collaborative research with people with lived experience of the asylum system, is now live! Through photographs, we offer glimpses into the experience of living in asylum accommodation in Yorkshire:

Discussions with @Kushaaanand on rising nationalistic fervour in Indian and Pakistani textbooks led to a focus on the overlooked role of university spaces as agents of national belonging. Read our article for insights! #highereducation #indiapakistan

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Sponsorship and Funding

The CICADA Study is sponsored by University College London (UCL) and funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) HS&DR programme (NIHR132914). The views expressed are those of the study team/author(s) and not necessarily those of the sponsor or of NIHR or the Department of Health and Social Care.
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